We Are So Excited For You to Join Us!
Things to Note Before You Purchase Your Event Tickets
  • Please remember that children under the age of 14 are not permitted at events. * The only exceptions to the no children rule is for nursing mothers of infants that are age 0-6 months. There will be no other exceptions. Please plan ahead and arrange for childcare if your children are traveling with you. For their own safety, children may not be left unsupervised at event venues or hotels.
  • No video recording of any kind is allowed. This includes video platforms such as YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Snapchat, or other video based social media platforms. Video cameras are not allowed.

* Please bring your masks.  Masks are mandatory in all public places (hallways, bathrooms, etc.) at the event venue. However, while inside our private event masks are optional.

Anyone attending the afternoon portion of the training sessions must be a distributor and have a ticket. This includes children age 14 and up who may be attending the events.